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Network Services

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 03:05 -- admin
When a fault or event occurs, a network device or component will often send a notification to network operators, all part of Fault or Network Management.
J3 IT Systems not only ensures the operator is notified but also specializes in making sure they have the best possible tools to get the entire job done. This is what makes us different.
Our mission:
Ensure you the customer have the best possible solution to manage your network. 
How do we do it?
Define customer needs, gather required functionality, and document the requirements. 
Architectural design, development, and integration of complex Management Solutions are keys to our sucess.
 It all begins with you the customer, we listen, we document and we proceed. As engineers and developers the architecture is carefully designed and planned. Choosing the right tools is very important and the J3 IT Systems team has the experience for providing the best possible solution. 
We implement solutions using well known COTS products such as IBM Tivoli Netcool, Monolith, NerveCenter, InfoVista, EM7 and so forth.
Design, development, and integrate custom fault solutions using well known development tools such as Java, Perl, PHP, etc…
 A solution more often times than not requires working with several teams to produce the final solution. The J3 IT Systems team can either work with or take the lead in making that collaboration happen. This is what makes our projects a success while our competitors leave you hanging. Work we have completed that puts us a step above the rest includes:
Customer to Network Fault Correlation
Real Time Root Cause Correlation
Improved Systems Efficiency
Systems Simplification
Complex Team Collaboration
Development of Provisioning Functionality
30 days warranty & support on our software programs
Support, Support, Support
We don’t stop there, support is always part of our services. The reliability of your Network is our pride and J3 IT Systems looks to provide functionality that is inline with your business success.